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Our Methods

Successful restoration depends largely on immediate response and the fastest drying possible. That is why we offer the patented TES™ Drying System -World's Fastest Drying System™. This combination of speed and technology returns your property back to normal in less than half the time of traditional drying methods.


Why Use the World's Fastest, Most Powerful Drying System™?

· Your property is dry faster than traditional methods! In many cases, in as little as one day!

· On-going water damage and mold growth to building materials is stopped 300% faster.

· Our equipment and methods allow us to dry materials most contractors just throw away saving you time and money!

· Our methods substantially lower damage repair costs.


We also use state-of-the-art moisture detection equipment to locate and eliminate hidden moisture. We can guarantee your property is completely dry. You won't have to worry because a dry structure means no mold.


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services grapics
services grapics